January 24, 2014


Back in 2009, Digux became a member of TruMethods who in essence helps I.T. companies become more awesome in every way imaginable. Year after year, we have participated in all aspects of TruMethods curriculum which has allowed us to accomplish goals that ultimately enable us to better service our customers. In mid-2013, TruMethods released a software program named myITprocess and it was created for companies like ours to implement standards across our customer base.


myITprocess allows I.T. companies to design, implement, and manage technology best practices and show the business impact of alignment with their standards. The idea is that this software aligns our team and customers with our company way. This is a way for us to institutionalize our knowledge to consistently deliver effective strategy to our customers. For the past 11 years, Digux has been developing our best practices and we have gone through many renditions of documentation and health assessments to perfect them. Each year while technology and customer environments change, we manually applied our best practices to each customer which was a huge task. For the past two quarters, we have imported everything into myITprocess and have begun our engineer and vCIO reviews which helps us automate this process. The time and accuracy we gain utilizing myITprocess allows us to focus more on communicating with our customers and helping them become more successful. The keystone to our success is true proactive network administration and this process is critical for us and is the engine that drives world class results. Developing and managing technology standards across our client base is the only way to drive down noise, increase the value to the customer, and build our belief system. The purpose of our newsletter is not only to tell you how excited we are to gain this tool, but to provide insight into what we are doing in our continuous pursuit to better service our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve whether it be implementing a new tool or improving our processes.

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