October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Useful Apps

The tech world has millions of software applications to choose from and as consumers we probably have at least fifty of them installed across all of our devices; but only a few of them are actually useful, or at least used on a daily basis. We realize that everyone has different preferences, needs, hobbies, devices, operating systems, etc., so the purpose of our article is to suggest some useful apps in several categories that perhaps peak your interest and or even become one you adopt in the future. As a side note, we reached out to our Facebook community and gained additional insight into what they were using so our variety was more diverse. None the less, read over our list and install one or two that you are unfamiliar with then have some fun. Social Twitter, HootSuite for Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, Fring, Friends Around Me, WhatsApp, Yelp, SnapChat, Bump, YouTube, Analytics App, HomeBase, Mashable, PitchEngine, Spout, Wired PR Works, WordPress, Vine, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pheed. Productivity Dragon Dictation, MailChimp, UPS/FedEx Mobile, Yammer, OneNote/Evernote, Docusign, Vignature, MS Office Suite, KeePass/7Pass, Alaska Airlines, Snipping Tool, YouSendIt, Check It, Chomp, DocsToGo, Box, Drop Box, SkyDrive, Tasker, EZ Opp, Instapaper, Package Tracker, Invoice 360, Kindle, NetNewsWire, PeakMeetings, TeamViewer Touch, Citrix Receiver, Microsoft Lync, Rackspace cloud, Toodledo, and Stardock Start8. Financial Mint.com Personal Finance, PayPal, Square, Yahoo Finance, E*Trade, Zillow Real Estate, Simple Tip Calulator, myFICO, RoadTrip, Amazon Price Check, Amazon Mobile, BlackGold, Mortgage Calculator, Venmo, Wikiinvest Portfolio Manager, My Budget Pro, Just Money, and Forbes Intelligent Investing. Utilities Flashlight, Level, WiFi Locator, Convert Units and Currency, Ruler, Shazam, RemoteDesktop, Pro-Knot, Battery Pro, Battery Performance, Quick Voice Recorder, Speed Test, Metro Toolbox, and LoJack. Sports Run Meter, WOD Journal, WOD Warrior, WTA TrailBlazer, “News, Sports, and Finance”, Winter Ski & Ride, Trailhead, ESPN Hub, Cascade Skier, Bing Sports, Live Nascar, Soccer Scores Pro, MMA Underground, NBA Time, You are your own gym, Buzztap, Ubersense Coach, Coaches Eye, and Lumosity, Fun Netflix, Hulu Plus, Flixster, Uber, NASA Be a Martian, Angry Birds, Pirq, OpenTable, PhotoSynth, Flipboard, Pandora, PhotoGrid, PhotoStream, Spotify, Weather View, Flickr, Instagram, PhotoRocket, Cocktail Flow, Untapped, Fotor, Hipstamatic Oggl, and Google Sky Map. -- Remember, all of these apps span across all different types of operating systems and mobile devices so if you do a search and cannot find it, this probably means you’re out of luck and the app is for another platform, it happens. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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