October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Who is Attentus

Digux’s main sense of purpose is to help all of our customers by creating valued time so they can spend it with loved ones by allowing us to deliver our customized I.T. experience. Each day our mission is to manage expectations, have fanatical discipline, take pride in craftsmanship, have an awesome attitude, utilize our time effectively, be a trusted partner for advice, and never give up on any technical challenge. We are a local company and truly care about our relationships with people. Digux is an odd techy sounding name and most of the time people mispronounce it on the first attempt. The name Digux was conceived on March 5th 2003 by founder Dustin Frost. Digux is short for Digital Unix and is similar sounding to Linux and unique like Xerox. Back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, Dustin Frost had miserable experiences with I.T. support and this was long before Digux. He found that techs were arrogant and talked down to him and learned they didn’t possess customer service or communication skills as well as the ability to follow through with projects amongst a myriad of other shortfalls. He believed an important component to successful I.T. was the ability to listen to customers and communicate to them based on their skill levels, weather it was basic or advanced, and forge long term relationships beyond I.T., understanding the customer's business so he could help them accomplish their goals. Digux started as a break/fix pay by the hour consulting service doing everything from desktop, server, networking, wireless, and web-site support to name a few.  By 2005, the company shifted slightly to become a hybrid providing block time/retainer agreements in addition to its normal break/fix. In 2010, the company transitioned from a reactive support model into a proactive Managed I.T. Services model with unlimited support that bundles optional cloud hosting services if the customer needs them. Break/fix support in the I.T. world is still common where services are provided in a reactive fashion and billed hourly. We call this model the reactive cycle of death because many reasons, but in short, companies spend all of their money on issues that result in downtime and the reactive services do not permanently solve the core underlying problem. Only 1 of the 5 core I.T. delivery areas are accounted for with this model. The downside is not always apparent, but on the surface an unpredictable bill each month and no control over the infrastructure with no proactive maintenance or advice. Companies constantly put out fires while impacting work force productivity and peace of mind. We tend to think this is the less educated way of going about your I.T. services and therefore we abandoned this model. Block time is very similar to the break/fix model with the customer assuming responsibility for communicating problems and overall requests to the I.T. vendor. For example, let’s say a customer buys 10 hours of time from an I.T. company. Typically the customer picks and chooses what support they should get as though they should even know how it all works, and generally suffer once the 10 hours is all used up. The problem with this model is the customer is left confused because they are not experts on how I.T. should be delivered, and truly never receive a formalized plan and structured proactive maintenance or advice. 9 times out of 10, business owners are not experts at I.T. service delivery, nor should they, and cannot make educated decisions to oversee all the different aspects of this critical business component -- the impact to the bottom line is dramatic. Block time is essentially break/fix paid in advance and provides no true value to a business and therefore we abandoned this model. Managed I.T. Services is a term used loosely in our industry, because every I.T. company who provides services, provides them differently. For example, some provide remote monitoring and management on the computers/network then charge an hourly rate to come onsite when things break down. We tend to think of these companies as the “Managed I.T. Service Provider Imposters”, because they are not really providing anything different than a break/fix or block time model as explained above, they just threw in a tool set and every I.T. company has one of those now. Another imposter in our opinion prices based on a fixed amount per PC, server, or network device. What they don’t realize is that this isolates them to only reactive support and not proactive maintenance or advice. Only 1 out of 5 of the delivery areas can be accounted for when pricing based on physical computing assets therefore is not a Managed I.T. Service provider. There is many other half-baked models that exist and often taint the way companies look at MSP’s. Digux Managed I.T. Services is unlimited, customized, and covers the three core components of Information Technology: infrastructure, support, and strategy. These three core components oversee what we call the 4 delivery areas: Centralized Services, Network Administration, Support, and Virtual CIO. There is a 5th delivery area we did not list simply because projects (time/materials) are not included under the umbrella of our unlimited support. However, all of our projects are quoted at a fixed price in line with our company way of being predictable in pricing. We are also highly successful at projects because our vCIO role supplies unlimited advice for trial testing and budget planning amongst other highly useful strategy components.  None the less, we dedicate a resource to each one of these roles and track metrics to determine how we are doing week to week for each customer. Digux has daily, weekly, and monthly meetings to collaborate together in their pursuit to achieve financial, sales, and operational success.  They also read one book per month and many magazines as a company to further educate themselves in technology and business. They are also involved with many business transformation communities in various industries to understand the micro/macro-economic changes that have social and economic impact. The truth is: Digux has made a decision to set a course to become world class by way of fanatical discipline, belief, self-image, and self-attitude in business planning, knowing what we sell, sales focus, being process driven, and having command of our cost drivers. By being world class we will provide careers, opportunity, purpose, passion, and enthusiasm to the world. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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