July 29, 2015

How We Improve Using Metrics Part II

Tips to Go Green

How do we leave a smaller carbon footprint? That is the big question most people have when it comes to the journey of going green or greener in most cases. We have seen this huge movement in the past 20 years with the world focusing on improving processes in technology, transportation, agriculture, energy, etc. to reduce global warming and pollution. This topic is so vast that we are only going to be-able to hit the tip of the ice-berg unfortunately. Here are some tips related to technology to go green:
  • Implement as many of our recommendations from our most recent blog article attentus.tech/going-paperless.
  • Rather than drive, fly or take the train to an in-person business meeting, eliminate transportation pollution by connecting via a Skype, Adobe Connect, or Citrix GoToMeeting group video call. Save the environment, a bunch of time, and money!
  • Virtualization and consolidation are essential to energy conservation. Do this and your server environment uses less electricity for power and cooling. Popular virtualization platforms utilized today are Citrix XenServer, VMWare, and Microsoft’s Hypervisor. Before you buy another server, make sure to think about installing a virtualization platform and scaling your environment properly.
  • If you own a boat-load of data, you need to consider having an information lifecycle management (ILM) plan. You will want to store information in the most appropriate and energy efficient storage device during its lifecycle. For example, business critical and real time information requires computer systems that offer the highest performance and reliability – and therefore demand more resources and power. When your information reaches a less critical state, migrate it to a storage device that consumes less energy. If you use the cloud, find out what your cloud provider is doing.
  • Deduplication technologies have many qualities, but for the sake of this article and focus, we will simply point out that they lower costs by reducing backup storage, bandwidth and management costs ultimately saving energy.
  • Businesses that dispose of their waste materials in an ecologically responsible manner protect the environment. Many cities offer recycling programs at little or no cost. Additionally, there is PC recycle shops all over the place that will take all the old machines from your bone yard.
This is our short list of many recommendations we encourage you to adopt. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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