October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Schnizzfest 2013

Over the past several days Dustin Frost and Alexander Ryseff were in Philadelphia Pennsylvania attending a Managed IT Services conference called Schnizzfest which is a business transformation community held by TruMethods where over 140 other companies like Digux attend from 5 different countries around the world. While we were there all of us hit the reset button clearing our decks and making a decision to set a course to go world class. Our Agenda for Thursday - Saturday was jammed packed full of phenomenally great workshops and guest speakers. Why go world class? We will create careers, opportunities, and a thriving business and ultimately have deeper purpose, passion, and enthusiasm. This picture includes Gary Pica who is the owner of TruMethods (4th from the left) and other members all doing the Schnizz! Dustin and Alexander are on the far right.  

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