October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Inside Sales Role

My name is Chris Browning and I am a sales representative with Attentus. My job is to make 75 or more phone calls per day to potential clients.  For those who perform cold calling know how challenging this task is. However, I enjoy being able to have high level business conversations with decision makers and share “The Attentus Way”. During my initial calls to new prospects, my goal is to set up a meeting for Dustin and I to visit the customer so we can have a business conversation about their I.T. situation. The goal of that first meeting is to determine if Attentus and the potential client are a good fit for each other. Not all businesses are ready to invest in a top quality I.T. solution. I really do enjoy my job because I know I am representing a best-in-class service. My job role also requires participation in daily, weekly, and monthly meetings. These regular meetings are an important part of how we establish and accomplish our goals at Attentus. The idea is to plan for success and hold each other accountable for our individual contributions to those larger company goals. In addition to that, I also must create and stick to a weekly schedule in our company system called ConnectWise. It helps all of us at Attentus to properly schedule for and monitor the completion of all of our daily tasks. These tasks add up to completed projects and job functions that keep our company on track to reaching our goals. Finally, another aspect of my job at Attentus is reading books on personal improvement and participating in a sales training program called TruMethods. The training assignments help every member of the Attentus team and myself to learn and grow in their roles with the company. As an employee I think it is fantastic to work for a boss like Dustin who is not only committed to succeeding. But also provides all of the resources and tools that make that success possible. I enjoy my job at Attentus immensely and I hope that is evident whenever you have the opportunity to speak with me.

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