January 15, 2013

Starting the Year Off Right

Welcome to our second edition of Predictably Better.  Modern business is inherently unpredictable. Our goal each month will be to provide technology information and advice that will help you anticipate risks and seize opportunities.  We hope you find it worth your time. Our number one goal each day at Attentus is to make our customers more awesome! How cool is that? We get to wake up every morning and come into the office with a group of individuals who all share the same ethical compass and values – who are passionate about life, technology and business.


This passion and direction informs every interaction and recommendation we make to our customers – which we think makes them more awesome. That is the simplest form of how we describe our Managed IT Services business here at Attentus. If you think the Managed IT Services business is much more complicated, we agree with you.  We just don’t focus our engagement with customers on the complex technical gobbledygook. We listen and focus on what’s important to them – what they need to become more successful. It’s our job to be abstract about the technical aspects and simply deliver on predictability, and demonstrate our values. The reality is…technology changes really fast. For us to be successful we simplify the giant task of staying on top of fast changing technology by separating the forest from the trees. So how does this relate to starting the year off right? Here are some recommendations from the Attentus team: Start the year off right by having all of your employees 100% aligned with your core values and beliefs in addition to knowing your priorities and business rhythm. A great foundation to help get started with this is to have everyone in the organization read “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. What You Must Do To Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm” by Verne Harnish.  Create your top 5 goals each quarter (bite sized chunks) and focus diligently on completing them successfully. Be sure to have all staff members create their own top 5 goals that are aligned with the company goals and take ownership in being a part of the success. Schedule re-occurring appointments for different business functions such as operations, sales, finance, human resources, employee appreciation, goal planning, Information Technology, etc., and use the time to review progress on established goals in these areas, next-steps, etc. The reoccurring nature should align with the natural rhythm of the business. If one of your goals is I.T. success we recommend performing a health assessment on your existing environment. Peace of mind comes from having a transparent understanding of what is working well and what is not.  Our existing customers obtain an ongoing health assessment from us where we identify what is aligned with our best practices and what is highly vulnerable. Categories that are highly vulnerable tend to represent unrealized business cost meaning if something were to malfunction in that area, down time is inevitable, and the organization will lose money in productivity and or capitalization costs. The idea is to have transparent communication with the I.T. vendor and visibility into the environment resulting in sound business decisions. Establishing core values and beliefs, priorities, and rhythm within your organization will only bring success in the upcoming year. Post your company and subsequent employee goals up on your walls and make those your focal point each day -- and don't forget it's important to keep your I.T. in tip top shape. Good luck and happy New Year! [caption id="attachment_1873" align="alignnone" width="245"]Attentus Logo1 Get Predictably Better IT[/caption]

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