October 11, 2019

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The Importance of UPS

With winter upon us, the importance of having a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) dedicated for your computers and servers is without question. Blackouts due to storms, traffic accidents that knock down power poles, faults in the power grid, etc. can cause unexpected power outages that can cause  great damage to the machines and stop your employees from working dead in their tracks. We encourage you (our customers) to invest in low cost UPS devices such as the Cyber Power 1500, TrippLite 1500,  or APC 1500 which will give you anywhere from 2-4 hours of battery life running PC, monitors, phone, keyboard and mouse. Their is a particular cadence in regards to when the batteries need to be replaced and when the software is updated that communicates with the machine. These processes are part of our best practices and are important part of your overall maintenance.UPS perform the following functions:
  • Absorb relatively small power surges and spikes
  • Smooth out noisy power sources, bad harmonics, and frequency differences
  • Continue to provide power to equipment during line sags
  • Provide power for some time after a blackout has occurred
  • Automatic shutdown of equipment during long power outages (Software Integration)
  • Monitoring and logging of the status of the power supply (Software integration)
  • Display the voltage/current draw of equipment (Software integration)
  • Display the voltage currently on the line (Software integration)
  • Provides alarms on certain error conditions (Software integration)
  • Provides short circuit protection
  • Prevents brownouts and overvoltage surges
  • Prevent loss of unsaved data
  • Prevent damage to computer power supply, motherboard, and hard-drives.
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