October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Disaster Recovery Plan

The morning of Saturday the 4th arrived and it was right around 75 degrees outside an absolutely gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. I had aspirations of getting out of the office after working three 80-90 hour consecutive work weeks (weekends included). As I’m getting ready to head out of the house I get a call from one of our customers that their office was completely flooded -- computers, furniture, etc. all under water with no hope of survival. Without any hesitation, my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and our disaster recovery plan best practices were pulled up on the computer. Luckily, their server was not destroyed in the flood as it was elevated off the ground properly. I headed to their location to pick up their server and network equipment so I could bring it back to our collocation facility. We physically re-located their server and provided their firm secure remote access to their servers from any Internet connection. We also helped them work with their Internet & phone provider to re-locate their services to a temporary office. Technically speaking, we setup a secure vpn between their temporary office and our collocation facility which enabled them to use line of business applications, scanning to server, have full access to e-mail, amongst other necessary services. Looking back over these situations, we believe our timely response and ability to get them setup so quickly was due to us having a Managed IT Services agreement in place which incorporated our processes and best practices. Without having our “company way” applied to this customer, we would have had a much more difficult time rescuing them from this disaster. For all businesses, we recommend purchasing Managed IT Services from a provider who can help you transition from a reactive to proactive plan which in the end will also enable successful transitions in situations like this. -Attentus Team

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