July 30, 2012

Metro App Development

Metro App Development

We are anticipating the debut of Windows 8 in October to be a real head turner for many with the new Metro style apps, new tablets, and not to mention a complete overhaul on the OS (Much more than I can explain); so we are getting a jump start on understanding how to develop apps ourselves. Having the ability to utilize all of our web development skills to create new awesome apps in Windows 8 is extremely compelling for us.


For those who want to get a jump start we recommend watching the following videos:

  1. What Web Developers Need to Know when Building Metro style Apps
  2. Building Windows 8 Metro style UIs
  3. Building Metro style Apps with HTML and JavaScript
  4. Integrating with Windows 8 Experiences
  5. JavaScript: The Language
  6. JavaScript: The Developer Experience
  7. Building HTML and JavaScript Apps with KnockoutJS and MVVM
  8. Using Windows Runtime and SDK to Build Metro style Apps
  9. What’s new in Visual Studio 2012
  10. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

After you complete the aforementioned videos, we recommend reading "Metro Revealed Building Windows 8 apps with HTML5 and Javascript" by Adam Freeman. The book is a step by step guide on how to build a Grocery List Tracker app called MetroGrocer. You learn all the necessary fundamentals on how to develop an app such as data and bindings, application controls, layouts and tiles, and life-cycle events. We were able to read the book and build the app in 7 hours. Once you get the MetroGrocer app developed, we recommend the following resources to get your creative juices flowing and focusing on your own app: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsappdev/ http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/ Pre-order Pro Windows 8 Development with HTML5 and JavaScript which should ship mid-September to give you an even more in depth understanding on how you can develop and publish an app into the store before Windows 8's release in October. We would love to chat with folks who are developing or wanting an app! -Attentus Team

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