October 11, 2019

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Schnizzfest 2012 - Great Idea

This year Schnizzfest had a great idea contest for members. Attentus did not win, but we received an honorable mention for ours which is totally awesome!  The idea was to be simple, easily implemented, created value for your company, and solved a problem. Congradulations to Myles Keough from Spade Technologies out of Boston for winning with your "My Day" idea! Here is the break down of our idea:


Our company was missing a unique recognition strategy to attract, retain, and engage great employees. Even though we had daily huddles, weekly planning and schedule meetings, all the drinks & goodies imaginable, company shirts, top of the line equipment, out of office events, continued education, great salaries, etc. we still did not feel as though employees were having enough fun and reaching their max awesomeness levels. We needed a fun way to break down barriers to improve communication with employees and recognize their accomplishments.


IT Recognition Geek Doll.


We implemented a fun way for employees to build camaraderie and recognize each other for being awesome with what we call the "IT recognition geek doll".  Any doll can be used—we purchased a collectible Barbie Ken doll for under $100.00.  The idea is that whenever an employee does something awesome for a customer or another employee they will be recognized and awarded the IT recognition geek doll.  In other words, the employee, who currently has the doll, aware of this notion of what we dub as awesomeness initiates a huddle where he or she passes on the torch. Each employee can have the doll for up to 2 weeks. During this time, the employee must add a unique change such as a wardrobe update, new accessories, and or put the IT recognition geek doll into a new fun location at the office.  Pictures are required and can be put onto the company Sharepoint site or posted to the bulletin board.


Creates a fun office environment, enables employees to recognize each other for being awesome, and motivates employees to go above and beyond which is in-line with company goals


An easy recognition strategy to implement which improves communication across the organization and not only creates a more positive work culture, but also demonstrates behaviors aligned with our core values.

 Picture of our IT Recognition Geek Doll on the big screen: The actual pictures:

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