October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Mobile Efficiency

In this day and age, smart phones can be considered an extension of who you are and represent a part of your personality so its a big deal to get the right one. Almost everyone has a smart phone and interacts constantly with software and the Internet while mobile. After having a smart phone for a while, we start to take surfing the web, checking and sending e-mail, socializing on Facebook, and all the other stuff we do on our smart phones for granted. We simply want more from our phones and that is never going to stop. We want more functionality, faster speeds, better apps, and on and on. GIVE US MORE! If you want a good looking phone that will give you more, we recommend buying the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Of course, if you are a Mac fanatic, go buy the latest iPhone, because its most likely going to integrate better with your Mac laptop and iPAD. I think most of the 'power' smart phone users out there have owned an iPhone. What we are simply saying is that the design behind the new Nokia and the software that runs on it is going to give iPhone a run for its money. As soon as you look at the Nokia and hold one, you probably want to own one. The screen in comparison to others is large and high resolution. Windows Phone also has "Live" tiles that interact with you. In other words, you can obtain the information you want without having to access the application unlike the iPhone or Droid software. The setup and ease of use makes this phone fun. Enter your Windows Live info and suddenly sync LinkedIn, Sky Drive (photos, documents, music, etc), calendar, e-mail, and so forth. Enter your Facebook info and all your contacts sync up into the people hub. You have the ability to connect to your XBOX Live account -- how cool is that! The ability for businesses to integrate with Sharepoint, MS Office, SkyDrive, etc out of the box provides a lot of value. You can also securely access passwords via password management software. One of the best features of all is Music+Videos app and the integration with your computer. Install Zune on your Windows machine and sync up your media with your Windows phone. Our experience when syncing media + pictures with our Windows Phone using Zune in comparison to our iPhone with iTunes is a much better experience. http://www.nokia.com/us-en/ - -Attentus Team

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