March 20, 2012

Tips for moving

Basic Tips when Moving Office Locations Are you planning on moving office locations and need help on the I.T. side of things? Attentus has helped many companies move over the years and planning prior to your move is essential for the project to be successful. For the business owner, moving is a daunting task. Their is so many things to think about already: finalizing the lease, updating marketing materials, web-site, finding furniture, the list could go on and on.


Having a good I.T. company to take care of the I.T. side of things is extremely important. Here is some basic tips for companies out there that plan on moving: 1. Make sure all network jack locations are identified for the computers, phones, printers, and servers, etc. to enable the electrician the ability to get them installed prior to move in date. 2. Make sure adequate power circuits are installed in the server room. Stable power is extremely important for your high-end electronics. 3. Make sure to find/buy the proper locking server enclosure that will fit all your network equipment. 4. Make sure the patch panel is installed/tested prior to move in date. You don't want to plug in your devices and be without Internet. 5. Make sure Internet has been ordered and ready to use prior to the move in date. Especially if you host your own e-mail, web-site, data, etc. 6. Make sure the appropriate steps have been made to port phone numbers and or have the phone company get the new phone system ready prior to the move in date. Phones are essential to running your business. These are just a few of the planning steps we help our customers with. If you plan on moving soon and need I.T. support, pick up the phone and call Attentus (425) 605-0594. -Attentus Team

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