October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Our Referral Program

Attentus loves to help people with technology and that is one of the core reasons why we all get out of bed every morning and come into the office.

Our ultimate dream is to have the ability to wave a magic wand and make all technology issues go away forever but that is not a realistic expectation unfortunately. However, for the past 15 years we have been working around the clock to develop the ‘Attentus Machine’ to deliver quality best practices and processes with the proper roles and responsibilities to help our customers overcome their challenges and transition them into an environment that is focused on innovation. Our mission is to educate, make I.T. simple, and provide personal service in a caring way. We believe that we are a referable business because we do offer amazing service and have always followed through with everything our customers have asked us to do.  Adding value and delivering on customer expectations in our opinion provides the foundation for ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing and we are requesting your help. Our ideal customer comes from a variety of industries. However, there are a handful of market verticals that appear to be really good fits for us such as law firms, accounting firms, architecture & engineering firms, construction companies, credit unions, staffing firms and specialty retail. In general our ideal customer is a business that has many employees who are fairly dependent on their computers and other technology in their offices (Line of business applications, MS Office, Wi-Fi, printers, etc.) to do their work. Our ideal customer is a business with 20-250 employees and at least 20 computers. Our ideal customers are located in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond area. However, we also serve customers as far south as Tacoma or as far north as Everett. Rarely do our customers have internal I.T. – they may be looking to replace their current I.T. person with us (they typically outsource with break/fix or use a managed service already). However, with a larger organization, Attentus can augment their existing I.T. personnel with what we call a POC (Point of Contact) contract and we can discuss this situation in more detail if it occurs. The companies we have added recently are successful and grow sustainably. In other words, our customers are doing well financially so affording our I.T. support or the projects we recommend is not an issue. Typically we hear during the initial conversations their technology needs are growing and they need additional help to get from A to Z. In general though, all of our customers rely heavily on their computers and office technology. Our customers are also owned and operated by intelligent executives who see technology as a necessary investment. They may not understand all the technology itself but they know they need to be taken care of properly in this area of their business. Our customers also value the ongoing strategy, planning, and budgeting we provide and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the right I.T. plan in place. Most small businesses do not have adequate I.T. services and often haven’t been thoughtful about the costs realized and misalignment of I.T. expenses with business goals. In many cases this will leave the small business owner frustrated or confused about how to solve this vexing problem. With that being said, it can be difficult for Attentus to communicate to a small business owner exactly why they would benefit by changing I.T. vendors and investing more money into switching to us. There are several key benefits that small businesses get when they switch to Attentus:

  1. Increase in employee productivity and morale – The entire work force can get a lot more work done if their computer systems are always running and they have the confidence to use them properly. Attentus provides unlimited support from our help desk in Bellevue, WA that consistently meets or exceeds all world class measures.
  1. A culture of caring – What motivates us to work so hard to keep delivering value to our clients is our culture of “caring.” This is not just a company slogan, but our belief. Every Attentus employee performs their job role as best they can with the motivation of helping our clients and the people who work for them.
  1. Reduced infrastructure costs – Attentus is proactive and accountable for regular and well-documented maintenance on all systems. As a standard practice, Attentus provides and manages all proper security devices and antivirus software, secure off-site backup, and puts in-place disaster recovery procedures.
  1. Better technology planning with a Virtual CIO – A small business gets a Chief Information Officer when they hire Attentus, who has a bench of experienced technologists on staff and on our advisory board. A business owner can rely on Attentus to take lead on research and recommendations for technology-oriented business planning.
  1. Predictable I.T. costs – Our monthly fee and the cost of projects are both fixed. The fixed monthly fee helps our customer’s budget for their I.T. expenses and have confidence that they will not fluctuate dramatically.

  To help incentivize our customers, friends, and family to introduce us to an ideal Attentus customer we would like to offer a discount for a project, credit for service, a computer upgrade, a gift card, or a free item worth up to $500.00. If you know of a small business that is in line with our description of an ideal customer and would like to help them get out of a non-healthy relationship with another I.T. vendor please let us know and we will introduce ourselves and most certainly provide them with the best personal service possible. Thank you for your time today learning more about our referral program. To request more information please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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