October 11, 2019

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Smart Surveillance for your Home & Business

Are you interested in finding an inexpensive surveillance system for your home or business without having to spend a boat load of money on the equipment and installation? Netgear offers a solution known as Arlo that includes a 100% wire-free weatherproof HD security camera system that can be used indoor or outdoor and can even be purchased at your local Best Buy or online at Amazon.

System Options: • Arlo Wire-Free Security System with 3 HD Cameras starts at $449.99 • Arlo Wire-Free Security System with 4 HD Cameras starts at $499.99 • Arlo Wire-Free Security System with 5 HD Cameras starts at $649.99 *Note: Prices listed above can be found on the www.Arlo.com web-site. The Installation is Simple: • The base station has one network port that you plug into your router or switch basically connecting it to the Internet. Then you log into the Arlo website and register your base station device and choose a subscription. Subscription Options: • The Basic plan supports 5 cameras, 7 days of video memory in the cloud, and 3 months of support for FREE • The Premier plan supports 10 cameras, 30 days of video memory in the cloud, and unlimited support. • The Elite plan supports 15 cameras, 60 days of video memory in the cloud, and unlimited support. This plan also allows the subscriber to add 3 additional base stations to extend range if you have a shop or guest house on the property. Connecting Cameras: • After choosing a subscription that aligns properly for you the fun begins and you can connect cameras to the base station. Install the batteries into the cameras. Then press the button on the base station. A light will start blinking. Then you press the button on the camera. Moments later the camera will connect and be associated with your account automatically. Naming Cameras: • From either your computer or smart phone (The system has an app for the iPhone and Android) you can configure your devices in terms of how/why the cameras record. It is helpful to give each camera a name to. For example, Front Door, Garage Door (Back), Side of House, etc. Example: ArloMyDevices                         Configuring Recording Modes: • Via the Mode settings you can customize how you want your cameras to work. For example, you can create an ‘All Motion On’ mode and associate all or some of your cameras. Each camera can be configured granularity to start recording when motion is detected and send alerts either via push notification or via email. Example: ArloRecordingModes Search Recordings: • The Arlo software makes it easy to search for recordings by pulling up a calendar and it shows which dates have recordings saved. • We also have the ability to click on Cameras and see each individual camera and perform a live view or see all the saved recordings. Features: • HD full color resolution @ 1280 x 720 via H.264 video format. • Adjustable sensitivity for motion detection. • Digital pan and zoom. • Night vision via Infrared. • Field of view is 110 degrees. • Camera batteries last 4-6 months. • Easy to mount outside with just 3 screws. • Access recordings from your smart phone. • Share recordings via txt or email from your smart phone to others. • Share cameras to allow house guests or others access to your video recordings. Extras if necessary: • Adjustable mount for outside use. • Extra cameras • Multi-colored Silicone Skins Our Experience: • We setup an Arlo surveillance system in late November with 6 cameras using the Elite plan. We love that all the video recordings automatically save into the cloud (No local storage required) and the cameras work within a 10,000ft square radius from the base station. The installation and setup was simple and so far we have experienced no issues with connectivity or batteries. We highly recommend purchasing this surveillance system for your home or business. Fun: • Arlo has a video contest each month and they share fun videos that customers share. In January they posted a video of a cat trying to eat a camera – it was entertaining. ArloVideoContest Thank you for your time today learning more about a surveillance system we recommend for your home or business. To request more information about building a hybrid approach please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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