October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Our 2016 Business Plan

Business planning is arguably the most important exercise we tackle each year. This process enables us to innovate and help our customers succeed with their I.T. department.

Last year we went into depth on how we prepare our metrics and some of the internal processes we go through to drive sales growth and evaluate our progress. Go back and read last year’s article if you haven’t already. This year our team has spent more time together collectively on our planning process than ever before and have an exciting new outlook on our future. When we look back over 2015 we made an assortment of improvements across all of the different divisions in our organization and we undoubtedly increased our value to our customers. We also gained valuable insight into becoming more efficient and well-rounded based on dedication and discipline into learning from the mistakes we made. Overall we love the progress we are making and feel as though our cumulative ongoing experience will drive innovation and productivity from our team. None the less, we would love to share everything we will be doing this upcoming year and how awesome it’s going to be, but to be respectful of your time we will not be covering all the initiatives we will be pursuing. Instead we wanted to cover a dozen or so initiatives that we will be doing for our customers to support our mission to educate, make I.T. simple, and do it in a caring way:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Spare computer
  • New budget planning process
  • IT audit and security improvements
  • We are hiring new technical resources
  • Retirement benefits for Attentus employees
  • New phone system offering
  • Office 365
  • Improved health assessment processes
  • Upgrading new employee training guides
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Referral program
  • Improved customer engagement

First Aid Kit: Attentus is providing our customers with an awesome new product that provides them with spare parts in case some piece of technology breaks. Basically as a way for us to demonstrate we care about our customers we are providing them with a first aid kit that includes everything from batteries to a spare laptop. This solution helps everyone get back to work quickly if technology breaks and it helps us eliminate a costly reactive I.T. support emergency. Spare computer: We are providing our customers with a spare computer in our first aid kit. What’s special about our spare computer is the custom technology we provide that enables us to synchronize everyone’s user profiles automatically on a schedule. If a user’s computer malfunctions in any way, they can check out the spare from the first aid kit and log into their profile and continue working right where they left off while Attentus repairs the problem. Our job is to help our customers business become more successful vicariously through our I.T. department. This helps save the business money by enabling their employees to stay productive. New budget planning process: We have created a new ‘proposed budget’ template for our quarterly business meetings with owners or point of contacts to stay organized. This new template enables us to collaborate with our customer more efficiently and help us manage all the projects, items with a certain lifecycle, and technology that is not aligned with our best practices. Essentially, we list everything in a format that shows the next 2 years broken down into quarters. Overtime, we keep track of what is proposed, approved, in progress, completed or declined. Helping our customers plan for the future and stay competitive is extremely important especially when it comes to their technology. IT audit and security improvements: Attentus is helping our customers by including a suite of new technology with our I.T. plan. The technology that we developed is for security detection and response awareness, network access awareness, risk assessment processes, secure configuration and deployment tools, perimeter and network tools, etc. We have been helping one of our existing credit union customers for the past decade undergo public audits from the state essentially aligning them with cybersecurity best practices in addition to solving problems mitigating risk for their business. They have also gone through a more rigorous private audit we have helped them create solutions for to improve the overall results. To improve security and increase value in our services we are going to slowly integrate all of this technology to help us achieve an improved security posture for all of our customers. We are hiring new technical resources: We will be hiring additional technical staff who will align nicely with our culture and are wanting to help Attentus with our mission which is ultimately to help our customers succeed with their I.T. department. The responsibility to have a successful career in the I.T. field is demanding and requires someone who is wanting to make a commitment to hard work, clear/concise communication, and who hold themselves accountable to do the things they agree to complete. Becoming proficient in any particular role in this world unfortunately isn’t something you can do overnight and takes at least a decade if not more to become good at what you do. With that being said, Attentus is looking for people who want to join our team and grow with our company for the foreseeable future. Retirement benefits for Attentus employees: We enrolled all of our employees in a new retirement plan we designed for us in 2015 and we will be offering this benefit to all future employees. Our commitment to all of our employees is to help secure a successful sustainable financial future together. New phone system offering: Over the years we have witnessed small businesses struggle with finding an affordable phone system that is backed with great support. Often times we see the network lacking the proper configurations and missing redundancies needed to have a successful phone solution. We are going to help change this outcome for our customers. Office 365: For some small businesses it makes sense based on the current age of their server or on-premise Exchange software to transition email services into the Office 365 cloud. The cloud is a relatively new technology in the grand scheme of things and initially there were many fears and problems with Office 365. This is one of the cloud technologies we have experienced improvement on over the years and it has matured enough to rely on for email services. Improved health assessment process: We take the health of our customer’s technology seriously. We have many layers of processes and best practices in place for us to better communicate what is aligned and non-aligned to the business owner so they have a transparent understanding of how technology can help them or consequently distract their business if it’s not working. We use a tool known as myITprocess and we have outlined how we use this tool many times most recently in our newsletter back in January of 2014. None the less, we will be making substantial changes to our health assessment to include more components of your technology to ensure everything is communicated properly and keep technology running smoothly. Upgrading new employee training guides: Together as a team this year we are upgrading our new employee training guides to better help new team members onboard and hit the ground running. Performing this task enables our company to grow and continue to help our customers succeed with improving the quality of their I.T. department as Attentus adds new resources. Improved backup and disaster recovery solutions: We have multiple phases of backup and disaster recovery solutions. Everything from basic onsite and offsite solutions to full blown failover systems. This is an area Attentus has specialized in and is one of the most important core fundamental components of having a robust I.T. system. This year we are making improvements in the phases we already offer in addition to our visibility into what is happening with all backups across our customer base from a single dashboard. Uptime is essential and we have the ability to keep businesses running even after a disaster strikes. Referral Program: As people we love to save money so this year we have put together a referral program for our existing customers. If we receive a referral from an owner or partner and it results in a new customer we will cut one of our monthly I.T. service invoices in half. This will also apply to an employee who can either opt to cut their employers monthly I.T. bill in half or can simply use the money for whatever they like. Please refer us this is a great way to help another small business in your local community. Improved customer engagement: This year we are reaching out to all of our customers and seeking the opportunity to attend industry related events with the owners and or point of contacts they may already be involved with so we can participate and understand all of the technology advancements that may have a direct impact on them. This helps us build deeper relationships with our customers and gives us the opportunity to help answer any questions they may have during the process. Thank you for your time today learning more about our plans for 2016. To request more information about building a hybrid approach please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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