October 11, 2019

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Disaster Recovery Planning Part II

In our 3rd newsletter article we published back in Feb of 2013 on disaster recovery planning we talked about how managed service providers (MSP’s) structure their business with a technology consulting role to help small businesses understand their technology options when planning for a disaster.
here: http://www.attentus.com/?p=357. A few months later we published another newsletter article titled “Backup & Recovery Strategies” where we explained our perspective on backups and how this aligns with a disaster recovery plan.
here: http://www.attentus.com/?p=385.   For part II, we created a “gut check list” for you with 8 different questions to go over below to outline some specific things to consider when aligning technology with your disaster recovery planning process:
  1. Do we have the proper insurance in place to cover unexpected costs in the event a disaster occurs? For example: cyber liability, business interruption, and business interruption off premise insurance.
  2. Have you defined what it means to declare a disaster? What is a disaster to your small business and what is the process to declare a disaster?
  3. Do you have all of your software and licenses either “digitized” and saved offsite via a backup and or do you have the physical discs for your software copied and saved offsite?
  4. Do you share all your vendor’s contact information with your I.T. provider so they can communicate properly and efficiently in the event a disaster exists? For example: Internet provider, phone provider, building manager, etc.?
  5. Do you have spare equipment purchased and pre-configured in the event a critical piece of technology fails that will grind your employees to a halt? For example: network router, network switch, a spare printer, and even failover Internet?
  6. Do you have backups of your servers, workstations, firewalls, etc.?
  7. Have you verified your I.T. provider has specific processes and best practices to deal with emergency related issues like a server failure?
  8. Do you have uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’s) protecting your critical systems and networking equipment?
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