October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Why Should Small Businesses Use Proactive I.T.?

The answer is obvious to us because we eat, sleep, and drink our outsourced proactive I.T. service, but the idea from our experience for some small business owners to commit to a new solution that costs more each month and requires a change from what they already know in terms of how they buy I.T. services brings up a lot of questions and can be a scary concept. Note: Go to our web-site www.attentus.tech and click on the WHAT WE DO link and read "How can I.T. be Proactive". This includes some additional information. Typically when a person thinks of I.T. services they think of ‘technology’ which is a natural thought process of course. However, our goal is to change your thinking to move away from purely a technology standpoint into how I.T. can help your business so it can increase your top and bottom line – this is the reason why we are in business! We want to turn the age old I.T. expense into a viable investment. The big leering question is: how can the bill/invoice a small business pays to the proactive I.T. provider every month make a small business more money? Before we give away the answer we want to break down a few things. Typically when a small business owner or office manager meets with a proactive I.T. company they will point out a whole slew of pain that exists around the technology. For example, it could be the server has to be re-booted once a week and it takes all the employees offline for 30-60 minutes. Or it could be a printer issue, issues with QuickBooks, or ongoing issues with the line-of-business applications and all of these seem to never go away. Whatever the issue is we (we as in the proactive I.T. provider) will tell them all of those reasons are not good enough to switch and start paying more for an outsourced proactive I.T. provider.  All of those issues the small business is having is actually not the issue. Those issues are a result of the issue which is caused by the existing I.T. vendor. We call these the tip of the ice-berg issues. OK, so why would we blame this on the existing I.T. vendor that seems like an easy finger to point. Well, the reason is that existing I.T. vendor has not established the proper best practices and processes to properly solve the issues permanently otherwise they wouldn’t be happening. Proactive I.T. services focuses on the entire ice-berg. Yes, there will be issues that pop-up out of the water, but we mostly focus on what is underneath the water which is the foundation to the I.T. infrastructure. The key to success with proactive I.T. services is having the ability to accomplish defined goals each and every month. We attribute this to our planning, communication, roles, rhythm, standardization, documentation, people, best practices, processes and technology consulting. The biggest expense a small business incurs each month is the employee’s payroll. Everyone knows the payroll typically is the most important and most expensive cost so why impact that in a negative way? Outsourced proactive I.T. support removes the chaos from the environment and empowers all staff members to be productive which ultimately makes the business more money – a lot more money. Why Should Small Businesses Use Proactive I.T.?
  • Better work/life balance.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Better morale.
  • More productive employees.
  • Increased functionality.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Lower overall technology costs.
  • Increased profit margins.

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