August 24, 2011


Jambox by Jawbone Attentus picked up a neat new wireless speaker called the Jambox made by a company called Jawbone. We purchased the device to play audio messages and music at the office or when we travel to certain events. This device can be setup in seconds, has great sound quality, small footprint, great portability, and long battery life.


We connected the Jambox to a 3.5mm stereo (Wired) and Bluetooth (Wireless) to test the sound quality and we were impressed. Our Windows mobile phones and iPhones synched via Bluetooth with no problem. We discovered you can also take calls seamlessly. In other words, when a call comes in, the music volume is turned down automatically and we can answer the phone directly on the Jambox - The Jambox has a microphone built in. Jawbone has taken the boom box into the 21st century! You can pick these up at the Microsoft store or online via Amazon or other online stores. -Attentus Team

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