October 11, 2019

How Many Mid-Sized Seattle Businesses are At Risk For Cybercrime Activity?

Our Favorite Technology Blogs

Experimenting with new technologies in our lab is one of the most enjoyable activities we do at Digux. We are always on the hunt for new technologies that can potentially improve our customers business. We also spent time thinking about what is happening in the future so we can adjust our offering if necessary. One of our ongoing goals is to monitor external change such as social, technology, economic, or political so we can adapt responsibly. None the less, we listed a handful of our favorite online blogs so you can read about technology with us. Ars Technica: www.ArsTechnica.com Geek Wire: www.GeekWire.com Engadget: www.Engadget.com Tech Crunch: www.TechCrunch.com Wired: www.Wired.com ZDNet: www.ZDNet.com Gizmodo: www.Gizmodo.com Mashable: www.Mashable.com GigaOM: www.GigaOM.com The Verge: www.TheVerge.com MSP Mentor: www.MSPMentor.com Life Hacker: www.LifeHacker.com Popular Mechanics: www.PopularMechanics.com

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